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Hey! My name is Shay, and I'm a passionate, self-taught teenage developer based in the UK. My skills include nodejs application development and writing blockchain smart contracts (Solidity).

[ Previous work ]

Deledit is a Discord bot which logs whenever members delete or edit a message! It will log all message edits and deletions to a custom channel which can be set by anyone with the MANAGE_SERVER permission.

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Wynnbot fetched and displayed statistics from the Wynncraft API. Wynncraft is an MMORPG Minecraft server in which you complete quests and level up unique skills. Work on this bot is now discontinued.
CoronaStats is a Discord bot which could track real-time statistics of the 2019-nCoV virus. Statistics can be obtained for specific countries or on an international scale. Work on this bot is now discontinued.
DailyGem.cc is a voting website where people can vote for their favourite Binance Smart Chain token. The entire back-end is coded with PHP and all data is stored securely on an SQL database.

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[ Testimonials ]

Rasho#9117 (Founder of Config Central)
"Amazing Bot developer. Gets the job done! I have worked with him numerous times now."
xSyke#0001 (Owner of EnderPrison)
"Great developer. Did more than was asked. Amazing support. 🙂"

[ Contact Me ]

If you'd like to get in touch, you can DM me on Discord (Shay#5787) or drop me an email at shay@shay.services.